Samsung: Continuous improvement for self, family and home 比赛结束
#FutureOfScreens eÿeka 快速解决方案

How can screens in the future help us grow and live a better life?

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插画 - 创意写作

We have a series of three contests coming for Samsung about how we will use screens in the future. All contests will be launched in November and last for about two weeks. Each of the contest is on a different consumer need and we ask you to envision how we use the existing or new/emerging technologies to make screens, and the experience that they deliver useful to address the need. We hope you like them!

It’s part of human nature to look for personal development. The generation of Millennials and their parents, the Boomers, and also the younger people, are always looking to improve themselves. Because the world around them changes so rapidly, they need to self-improve and grow. If they stay the same, they would feel like they were getting left behind.   

Another reason why people are focused on self-improvement is because of how we’re now used to broadcast our lives externally, on social media for instance. Self-improvement is seen as a positive social capital that goes beyond material possession.

Tell us a story in which screens help people live a better and more fulfilled life,  through continuous learning and development, personal growth and harmonized space.

Format: Two pages presentation with images and text. (PDF only)