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Fixing the worlds challenges through biology

How can we engage global citizens in finding solutions for a better world driven by biology?

One page with visual and text.

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Novozymes Novozymes

Thank you to everyone that participated in this contest. The level of creativity and understanding of the brief was very high. We very much appreciate your time and effort!

Kind Regards



progresstina #1 奖
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#1 奖 € 650 被授予给What is in a one cubic centimeter of ...?

Thank you very much for selecting me as one of the winners in this contest. I would like to thank Novozymes and eYeka for the opportunity to express my creativity on this brief. Happy and creative 2017 to all creative minds out there. Let your ideas shine and materialize in 2017. Good luck to all!

We especially like the communication concept of talking about 'how much in a...'. It is a good way to capture the wonder of something so small and powerful as microbes. It also helps people look at the world around them in a new way and pave the way for an understanding of all that we have left to discover.

obcsltd #2 奖
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#2 奖 € 350 被授予给Powered by nature

This proposal speaks to the strategic challenge that we are trying to solve. It mirrors the strategic premise of the initiative and offers a solution that we already are working on in parts of the business. We also like the recognition that this is about offering alternative choices and not stopping people living good lives. Great work!




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