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How can you make our already-loved Sunsilk Pink shampoo even more desirable?

€ 2,500
插画 - 创意写作

We often see our hair as a reflection of our identity because it is both personal and public. Smooth and manageable hair is something that most girls strive for. Having hair that falls back into shape, no matter what you are doing, gives you the freedom to enjoy each moment without being concerned about how you look.

In today’s world, millennial girls juggle many things – work, study, family, their hobbies/passions and they want to make the most of their day. Hence, now, more than ever, it is important for these girls to have obedient hair or, in other words, smooth and manageable hair that always goes with their flow.

Sunsilk is an iconic hair care brand that is present globally. Sunsilk Pink (Smooth & Manageable) shampoo is the number one shampoo product in Thailand and the Philippines and has been growing over the past few years. Can you help us build a strong emotional connection with Thai and Filipino young girls through a fun, playful, engaging and socially relevant communication idea?

Through an inspiring poster and a tagline, make Sunsilk Pink ready for the future. Make it edgy, cool, trendy and worth telling your millennial girlfriends about…make it fit into the lifestyles of digital-savvy and multi-tasking millennials girls to truly resonate and connect.