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Create the next generation of Domestos Toilet Blocks

€ 3,500
剩下大约 14 小时
平面设计 - 创意写作

Few enjoy cleaning, so brightening up – and shortening - the cleaning experience is very appealing to many! Therefore, people have adopted toilet blocks, a convenient solution to keep the toilet clean and fresh between the thorough toilet clean. Toilet blocks work by the water from the toilet flush flowing over the blocks that contain a formulation which dissolves to clean and release fragrance and foam. This way, you rest assured that the toilet is kept clean between cleaning sessions.

Domestos’ currently leading toilet block design comprises 5 multi coloured blocks that sit in their own compartment in a cage that hangs on the toilet rim. The toilet blocks are very popular products but the market is quite uniform and products look quite the same. This is an issue because in toilet blocks many choices are made at the shelf in store and only brands with eye catching and appealing design win sales.

Could you help Domestos rethink their toilet block design and help them become the most desirable toilet block in the market?

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