Brand new Healthy snacks - youngevity 剩下大约 19 小时

Create a new healthy snacking brand to help people feel youthful and full of life

€ 5,000
剩下大约 19 小时
插画 - 创意写作

Around the world, people are becoming more and more conscious of the way food impacts their health, and so try to make better choices. In some areas of the world this trend is even stronger: some people are on a quest for a healthier lifestyle, and make it a key priority to incorporate healthier behaviors in their everyday lives. They change their routine and believe wellbeing can be attained through the balance of body, mind, and soul.

Can you think of ideal, new healthy snack products to bring this dream to life?

Create an exciting new product idea and brand name for a healthy snack that will speak to people who are interested in health and wellbeing.

Format: presentation with visuals and text, max 3 pages 

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