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¡Inspira a los ciudadanos europeos a aceptar el cambio!

Crea un guion ilustrado para un vídeo viral y emotivo que anime a los ciudadanos europeos a aceptar el cambio en sus vidas.

Guion ilustrado con respuestas a preguntas (5 páginas como máximo)


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European Investment Bank European investment bank

Thanks all for your great contributions. 
This was not easy for 2 reasons: 
- It was in the middle of the Summer and we had to compete with your afternoon at the beach) 
- The EIB is not a well known institution and you made the effort to learn about it before going into the creative work 
Good luck for your future projects and thanks again

EIB Team


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tcordell #1 奖
tcordell 340,970 创意积分
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#1的€ 4,000

We really liked the creative idea in a form of fairy tale, well mixed with the reality of what the EIB does as an organization. The choice of character - father and daughter - made the whole story touching and efficient 
Well done 
EIB Team

European Investment Bank
nadinevash #2 奖
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#2的€ 2,500

Although we are thinking of reworking the flow of the social experiment to tailor it to our specific needs, your script did trigger the final idea of social experiment that we are likely to produce. You have been the spark!! 
Thank you

EIB team

European Investment Bank
sebastian_42 #3 奖
sebastian_42 15,370 创意积分
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#3的€ 1,000

A great metaphor of what the European Union is, in the form of a bus trip. Nice shot. We loved it. 
We will definitely keep on digging into this idea for upcoming video productions. 
Well done

EIB Team

European Investment Bank



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