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Make rinse-off hair conditioners relevant and compelling for Indian women

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剩下6 天
平面设计 - 插画

Hair oil is synonymous with conditioning benefits in India. Indian women have been using hair oils since centuries to make their hair stronger, softer, smoother, and to promote hair growth. It’s deeply entrenched in the Indian culture and hair oils are used both in pre and post shampoo use. Indian women feel that just using shampoos and hair oils is enough as part of their hair care routine. On the other hand, hair conditioners in India have very few users, a negative perception, as well as misconceptions around it. Women feel that hair conditioners contain excessive chemicals which damage hair and leads to hair fall. A big consumer products company would like to change this. They want to tap into your creative minds to excite and entice Indian women to make rinse-off hair conditioners a part of their hair-care routine. 

Through a disruptive and compelling poster with tagline, convince Indian women about the advance benefits of using rinse-off hair conditioners as part of their daily hair-care routine

Format: Poster with tagline and answers to the questions (Maximum 1 page per entry)

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