Indispensable Kitchen Rolls 比赛结束

Help us make kitchen paper rolls an indispensable ally in all Mexican kitchens!

€ 5,000
平面设计 - 标签与包装设计

In many houses, the kitchen is the busiest room… and a place of never-ending tasks! Cooking several times a day, cleaning up, wiping the floors, putting away the plates and the grocery shopping, etc. It seems like it never ends!

Kitchen paper rolls are used in many countries to help with different household tasks. They are so versatile that many people find them very convenient. In Mexico, however, many housewives or cleaners still prefer to use a washable simple cloth for many tasks. As such, women are often buying the cheapest kitchen roll available when they need one. They would be willing to choose a specific brand or pay a bit more only if the benefit it brings would really make a difference.

Our client, a small  kitchen paper roll brand is willing to change that and make kitchen rolls indispensable in Mexican kitchens! They want to show Mexican women a real added value that kitchen rolls can bring to help in the kitchen.

Today, less than half of Mexican households use kitchen roll… and this is where you step in! Can you help showcase on pack an important benefit for kitchen roll? Remember it must address big consumer issues in the kitchen.

Presentation with text and visuals – 3 pages.