Rich: premium graphic design 剩下8 天

Help premium juices brand Rich stand out on shelf with your unique graphic design.

€ 5,000
剩下8 天
平面设计 - 标签与包装设计

Rich is a leading premium brand of tasty 100% high quality juices and nectars. In Russia, where it is sold, people love it for its great choice of different mixes, great taste and for the iconic stylish pack which all provide a special experience of indulgence and mental relaxation.

Rich appeared in 2002 and disrupted the juice market with its outstanding design with white-colored pack, big logo and big fruit image on a pack. Since then a lot of mass market brands have been trying to copy its style using the white pack and big fruits.

Since 2002 only minor changes have been made in the Rich pack graphic design. It is now time to give Rich packs a fresh look and unique premium visual identity. Can you help Rich juices to stand out on the shelves again?

Wow us with your modern and unique graphic design for Rich juices to express its premium quality and taste.

Format: Graphic design based on the provided packshots (PET 0.3 L and Carton 1L pack for Orange flavor) + text explanations.


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