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Disruptive and Natural cosmetics for Healthy Beauty

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Welcome to a new challenge with Physicians Formula. If you were part of the previous one, you’re in a good position to join this new one! You’ll see that this challenge is similar but actually, it’s quite different… So please, read this new brief carefully and join in.

Sadly, the cosmetics industry as a whole is characterized by an over-saturation of new brands and product launches that have no true breakout innovation or relevant points-of-difference. In-store shopping experiences are not what they used to be, as store shelves are filled to the brim with me-too, look alike products that consumers are left overwhelmed and confused.

Today, Physicians Formula wants your help to enable active 18-34 year-old American women to freely express their individuality through make up, while respecting their natural beauty and the natural environment. Can you help?

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