New Gillette 2-Pack 剩下4 天

Help Latin Americans get more smooth shaves by buying the new 2-pack of disposable razors!

€ 5,000
剩下4 天
平面设计 - 创意写作

In Latin America, and especially in Brazil, people have done most of their shopping at super & hyper markets. This usually meant a monthly or bi-weekly trip when they literally filled up the entire trolley, and the car! 

However, in recent years, the monthly supermarket trip is perceived as more of a chore than a fun outing. At smaller shops, usually in urban and suburban town centres, items might be a bit more expensive than at the biggest of the supermarkets, but these stores are gaining more and more customers because people like shopping close to home, whenever they want or need to, and because it’s a quick shopping trip! 

Gillette, the leader in men’s disposable razors is looking for a creative idea to help nudge people into buying a small 2-pack when they shop at small neighborhood stores, so they can always have an extra new disposable razor in the bathroom and, with that, a better shaving experience. Can you help?

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