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Create the new Nivea deodorant for the women daily use, that delivers a superior skin care and keeps skin healthy

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Deodorant is probably one of the most common products which consumers use daily. Around 50% of women around the world use a deodorant more than once a day.

When choosing a deodorant, women are looking for long-lasting sweat and odor protection first. These are their main expectations from any deodorant product as they want to feel clean, fresh and comfortable around other people. 

However, many women are looking for more in a deodorant than meeting the basic needs of sweat and odor protection. They also want to keep their underarm skin healthy, moisturized and to apply a deodorant that respects the natural skin processes.

NIVEA, known as the expert in skin care, is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the female deodorant category for its high-quality products that provide special care. Today NIVEA invites you to design the new deodorant that will deliver a next level of skin care and provide a daily healthy skin feeling, on top of the effective protection and freshness.

Are you up for the challenge?

Design the distinctive Nivea Female deodorant that will meet the specific needs of women who want a superior level of skin care and to keep their underarm skin healthy, while having the long lasting sweat and odor protection. 



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