Pringles: A can full of flavour 比赛结束
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Help Pringles design a visual for their new claim!

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插画 - 创意写作

Taste is the number one reason for choosing a potato crisp.  However, Value plays a big part as well, with people having a vast choice of potato crisps at very competitive prices.  Competition is fierce. 

People think of ‘Value’ when it comes to price per pack, but their perception of value is also influenced by Taste, having a distinctive pack and being innovative. 

Pringles offer a unique eating experience: the POP when opening the can, the iconic shape of the crisp, the unmatched flavour and texture, varieties that everyone likes and the fact that it is less greasy on your hands. The combination of all this makes the product famously moreish.

In the UK, lunch (both at home and out of home) is the biggest consumption occasion, followed by evening / after-dinner snacks and then afternoon snacks.

Despite the high level of promotions on the brand, in the UK Pringles is perceived as a premium brand for special occasions (parties and Christmas) and competes with crisps in bags that are cheaper and are perceived as more of an everyday product. In the UK the brand is known to be fun and for sharing.

Pringles has developed a new claim - “A can full of flavour” - which combines uniqueness (the can), value (it’s full!) and taste appeal (flavour).

Today Pringles needs your help to design an engaging key visual that will illustrate this claim in a creative and fun way. Can you help?

Bring to life the value claim “A can full of flavour” in a visually exciting way, driving the message that a can of Pringles gives you Value as well as Taste, doing so in a fun Pringles way.

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