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Create a Chef dairy cooking aid solution to bring everyday dish to the next level!

€ 2,500
插画 - 创意写作

Chef is the Italian leading brand for dairy cooking aids. It’s been half century they help Italian families cooking their best recipes at home with a large range of products (cooking and whipping cream, béchamel, fresh cream, filling sweet creams, etc.) and taste (e.g. salmon cream, mushrooms cream…). The brand wants to stimulate people creativity in the kitchen, helping them to easily turn an everyday dish in something appetising.

They are innovative and are constantly on the look for innovations to stay relevant to how people taste, and cooking needs evolve. For instance, they have recently launched some lactose-free and lights references to address the growing interest of consumers for such products. But the thing is cooking cream and béchamel remain the key products people buy from Chef, limiting how they perceive the brand.

Chef needs your help to innovate beyond its core and offer even more solutions to trigger people’s creativity in the kitchen. We want you to think of dairy cooking shortcuts that could make an impact on at home preparation, turning Chef into a real creative partner in the kitchen… Are you up for the challenge?

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