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Come up with brand new Uncle Tobys oaty breakfast product.

€ 2,500
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They say breakfast is the most important start to the day, and Uncle Tobys is dedicated to providing simple and wholesome goodness breakfast options.

Our sponsor, Uncle Tobys (https://www.uncletobys.com.au/), is a well-known Australian brand of oat cereal, with a product range that includes loose rolled oats, quick oat sachets in a variety of flavours, breakfast bars and convenient pots for people on the move.

Most people who eat Uncle Tobys oats are interested in healthy, natural, and high in fibre breakfast options to set them up for the day, using high quality ingredients. They use oats as breakfast for themselves, their partners and the whole family. Taste is important some enjoy the pure taste of oats, whilst others like to include their own additions to their bowl of porridge, and others want the flavour already included in the pack.

However, Uncle Tobys can come across as old fashioned and boring. This is exactly where Uncle Tobys needs your help! The brand wants to better connect with customers through new and exciting product offerings that provide simple and wholesome goodness, with a great taste. Can you help them do that?

Here is their most recent TV advert which may help to inspire you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KptwWF1RGc0

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