Mars Wrigley Plant Power Snacking 剩下5 天

Create a new and exciting Plant-Based Snacking Brand!

€ 5,000
剩下5 天
平面设计 - 创意写作 - 标签与包装设计

As trends in the world move toward more plant based and healthy snacks, Mars Wrigley is looking to launch a new plant-based brand and line of products to give consumers healthier and more conscious snacking options. From those who are wholly dedicated to those only looking for an occasionally healthier snack, we want to help people make better choices. Ultimately, plant-based consumers feel ‘left out’ in snacking – whether it be harder to satisfy cravings, more difficult to eat something truly decadent, or indeed a struggle to hit macro-nutrients (like fiber, protein, etc.) - there are lots of needs left unsatisfied. This means there’s ample grounds for innovation.

And that’s where you come in! Mars Wrigley is looking to launch a new brand that will be entirely plant-based. While the ingredients will all be vegan, you can get creative in the branding, and position your brand more broadly as ‘plant-based’. Can you help them develop the perfect range between satisfying cravings and healthy goals?

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