Haircare for mood rebalancing 剩下大约 9 小时
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Help a well-known hair care brand revolutionize self-care by designing a new haircare product!

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剩下大约 9 小时
平面设计 - 插画 - 创意写作

Many people don't think much about haircare - it's a functional habit to keep our hair healthy, like brushing our teeth. This makes haircare a chore that we passively engage with, without thinking more deeply about how healthy, good-looking hair could influence our moods.

With the rise in awareness of emotional health and mental health, “mood regulation” has gained global attention. Emphasis is put on taking care of your holistic health and maintaining balance. Just as stress and skin health affect each other, the same could happen to hair health.

There comes our eureka moment: why not bring haircare and mood regulation together? Why does haircare have to be a chore? Can’t it be part of people’s self-care ritual, something we more consciously do to intentionally improve not just how our hair looks, but also our moods to feel more balanced in life?

We challenge you to come up with a new haircare product idea that can be part of people’s self-care ritual – something that they can do to feel more in sync with their holistic health through taking care of their hair – to boost their energy and mood, or help them regain calm and rest better.

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