Inside The Car in 2020 比赛结束

Driving in 2020. What’s changed?

开始 2012年10月12日 结束 2012年10月29日 23:59 UTC 审议 结果 2013年1月
2012年10月29日 23:59 UTC


Interiors of cars have really changed and will continue to evolve in the future. Twenty years ago we did not have satellite navigation, phone connectors, heated seats or parking sensors.

We can foresee that our driving environment will be revolutionized in the next ten to fifteen years thanks to new technology. Drivers and passengers will expect new services, new devices and therefore new experiences and emotions when in their car. They will want to enhance the driving experience, know the wellness of the human (or the car), and other ways to better fit into their lives and needs. This means a safer car interior, that is more personalized, pleasurable, connected and better for the environment.


Explore driver’s and passenger’s future needs and dreams to show us how the interior of a car (or truck) will be revolutionized in ten to fifteen years thanks to technology...

The inside of car (or truck) has been evolving and we expect drivers in the future to have a totally different driving experience.

Try to think about:

  1. What technology enables drivers/passengers to do: what kind of services and equipment would you need in the future. You can imagine equipment that helps drivers to navigate, read signs, stay safe and check on the mechanics. It could also be about how we pilot the car (will we still have steering wheels?), how we will personalize it and how we will be entertained.
  2. The consequences of the technology presence on how your car interior looks: Explore the look and feel of the car and its dashboard: think about digital read-outs and virtual instruments. How do they integrate into the car cabin? What will change in the look of the cabin due to the technology? 
  3. The feelings of the driver and passenger: thanks to the technology, what are the benefits for driver or passenger. Think about comfort, visibility and relaxation. Imagine the new experience felt thanks to the light, the sounds, the smells etc. 

(These are examples. Feel free to think about your own. )

Tips: An example for an entry to this contest would be how technology enables the driver to be safer on the road by providing an hologram through the windshield warning you of the presence of animals crossing the road at night. The driver feels really safe and will have a stress-free driving experience.



  • #1 奖金 € 1,500
  • #2 奖金 € 1,000


PowerPoint presentations, illustrations, pictures.


We want ideas that are original and innovative. Having a dock for your smart phone on the dashboard is not in the scope, and we know that Google is already testing driverless cars - so think 2020!


Specific guidelines for this Contest

  • Your entry must be in English only.
  • Please provide a description of your idea: how it would work, who is it designed for (driver or passenger, adult or kid etc.) and what the benefits would be. 
  • Give a headline to your idea. 
  • Our main concern is the interior of cars, but if you’d like to suggest ideas around a truck’s interior, that’s fine too. 
  • Please remain focused on the car’s (or truck’s) interior. Ideas about engines, tires, roofs or anything on the outside of the car is not what we are looking for this time.

eYeka standard guidelines 

  • Please upload one single document if you are submitting a presentation. 
  • Your media has to be your own creation to be considered into the contest. 
  • You must have obtained written permission from each of the authors who have contributed to the media. 
  • If you have used elements (music, photographs, designs, etc.) that are not yours, please state in your media description whether or not the music and/or image(s) you used is/are your own creation and provide links to the license granting you the rights of using it. 
  • eYeka will ask you to provide written proofs or a copy of all written documents confirming such authorizations enabling eYeka and its clients to use the media pursuant to the terms of the Rules of the contest.
  • Media that does not comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest. 
  • Keep a high-quality version of your creation to be used if you are selected as a winner.
  • Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address etc.)