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展示Closeup White Now是如何让年轻女性瞬间拥有闪亮洁白的微笑,让她们成为焦点!


我们看过许多常规的电视广告,关于面带微笑的美丽皇后⋯⋯ 这次,我们希望有不一样的东西:还有很多迷人的场合让自信的年轻女性用她们的美丽作为实力去抓住聚光灯,为之配合的还有她们的机智、魅力、个性,最重要的是,她们的笑容。

Closeup White Now是即时美白牙膏,具有独特的蓝色泡沫,在刷牙后为你提供卓越的美白效果。它随时给年轻女性提供一种即时美丽的机会,无论何时她们想要它。这是她们最好的即时美容工具。

通过高质量和引人入胜的视频/动画,告诉我们Closeup White Now的即时美白效果是如何给自信的年轻女性一种立即成功的优势,让她在出人意料和迷人的的情景中闪耀于聚光灯下。


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HenriClairan #1 奖
HenriClairan 0 创意积分
  • 平面设计
  • 视频
  • 插画
  • 动画
  • 创意写作
  • 标签与包装设计

#1的€ 8,000

Hello eYeka, we are Sendy and Fadhel, two graphic artists passionate by the cinema and the world of ads. Since we've discovered eYeka our discussions bring us more than the contests themselves. We are really happy to win the 1st prize. This is very encouraging for future participations. Thank you eYeka!

Good interpretation of the brief with interesting execution split second decision on how white teeth can save your life during moments that matter.

Close Up
Andersen #2 奖
Andersen 0 创意积分
  • 视频

#2的€ 5,000

I love eYeka! Now that I have won a prize this is an easy thing to say of course. :) But there is another reason why I learned to love eYeka. eYeka is a training ground for me to learn to get an idea fast and on the brief, and to execute that idea within a given timeframe. These are valuable skills I can use in “real life”.

Of course the money I won helps to get my own projects going like VHS-Man (check if you like).

The idea for “Split” came when I read the brief. The word “split” actually appeared in it twice. ;) How many times have you thought about rewinding time to make a different decision? How would that alter the outcome? Remember the movie “Run Lola Run” where this idea is played out nicely! Then I added the split screen to that idea and dramatized the outcome drastically to a dystopian/utopian future. This of course was only a dream… or wasn't it? Sometimes “big things have small beginnings” as we just learned from “Prometheus” (who stole that from “Lawrence of Arabia”).

In the future I'd love to befriend filmmakers from around the globe here on eYeka and like to share insights and experiences. Contact me!

Great usage of split screen device to make comparison of moments that matters with the use of Close Up product VS without using it.

Close Up
Myaka #3 奖
Myaka 0 创意积分
  • 平面设计
  • 视频
  • 插画
  • 动画

#3的€ 2,000

The Close up brief sounded very interesting to me, but initially I didn't have any inspiration. I found it hard to express “moments that matter” creatively.

A few days later, I went to the supermarket to buy fruits and saw the staff standing there impatiently, which made me feel uncomfortable. Then I got an idea: what if fruits can smile? I am sure they will be so popular and make customers happy. So I went back home and started to work on the idea

Excellent animation quality with unique fresh take perspective of oral care.

Close Up

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