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在一台Toshiba 4K TV中,会发生什么神奇而惊人的事情?

想象一下,Toshiba 4K TV内部会发生什么让人惊讶的、有创意的事情,能以一种神奇的方式,将全高清电视节目转换成为终极的、具有华丽真实感的视频。


3 获奖者 23 贡献者 23 被接受的作品 12 国家 7 语言



allentaste #1 奖
allentaste 0 创意积分
  • 平面设计
  • 视频
  • 动画
  • 摄影

#1的€ 8,000

sams #2 奖
sams 0 创意积分
  • 平面设计
  • 视频
  • 动画

#2的€ 5,000

Paso89 #3 奖
Paso89 0 创意积分
  • 视频
  • 动画

#3的€ 2,000

I've become aware of eYeka from a colleague of mine who participated in several of your contents. I participate in  contents so I can practice with stimulating challenges that otherwise clients wouldn't offer me, that helps to have a more various reel while expanding my market and skills. And of course learning something from my work. I felt very pleased and satisfied especially in the second contest I tried. Hard to say where the idea came from, it pretty much popped into my mind when I read what the content was about. Mostly I do post-production all by myself. The idea of the video was pretty clear in my mind as soon as I read the brief and I thought that it'd have turned out well.

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We received many really magic and original entries and we want to particularly say thank you to all the animators who worked hard creating a whole new world and creatures, which could be inside a Toshiba TV.  You did an amazing job! Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who worked on this challenging contest and submitted their great videos!

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