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对于那些钟情于芝士并热爱生活,知道健康饮食的重要性的人士来说,Milner 芝士是上乘之选。你能通过一个展示Milner低脂芝士优势的视频使人们感到惊讶吗?

视频或动画, 不长于30秒。  

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Milner Frieslandcampina

Thank you all for contributing to this contest. It has opened our eyes to the creative potential of cheese, and more specifically, Milner cheese, with its dual benefit of taste & health. Most of the entries were able to communicate both taste & healthy living, which is not an easy job. It's all too easy to fall into the "compromise" area, and quite hard to successfully deliver "No Compromise." It was also refreshing to see that a tasty & healthy food product can do humor & entertainment successfully. We are learning that this extroverted tone & manner can help dial up the taste communication for Milner.



geraldroebroeks #1 奖
geraldroebroeks 210 创意积分
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#1的€ 5,000

I am delighted to have been selected as the winner of the Milner contest. I have only started filming less than a year ago and to have this success already is just amazing. I am also very grateful to the actors who were able to participate on extremely short notice. Finally I must thank the staff at Eyeka. First of all for organizing these contests but also for their feedback on my ideas. I think this is what sets Eyeka apart from it’s competitors. 

You nailed Milner's duality in an unexpected, head turning and positive way that is universally understood by both men & women. Your video also made us realize that Milner must be more daring, if we want consumers to think the impossible is possible! Thank you for the inspiration.

Beau #2 奖
Beau 0 创意积分
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#2的€ 3,000

Improvising with no budget whatsoever, my brother was my model and my living room was the set. Shot in a single evening, this prize has made my dream come true of moving to London.

We thought it was refreshing to mix up category codes like you did. Milner should dare more. And, we especially liked the creative device of using the "heart beating close-up" to communicate the Milner duality: taste excitement & healthy living.

staylor #3 奖
staylor 44,910 创意积分
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#3的€ 2,000

What a surprise. I have entered lots of eYeka contests but have never won anything until now. Being nearly 65 years old, does that makes me one of the oldest winners? My wife may let me carry on making films now! Thank you.

The storyline communicates Milner's duality in a unique and entertaining way. The fact that there is a population explosion of mice because they love Milner cheese is simply genius!




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