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Propel Lucozade into the modern world of sport and exercise

开始 2015年6月19日 结束 2015年6月28日 23:59 UTC 审议 结果 2015年10月
2015年6月28日 23:59 UTC


Nowadays, for most of us, there is a shift in the way we are doing sport.

Winning is personal. It is not necessarily a matter of competition between each other anymore. Sport is now seen as a way to focus on ourselves - how we could find our own best by reaching personal goals. We are not the next Usain Bolt but we love to push ourselves a little bit further with targets and challenges through individual measurement apps and wearables.
Sport is also a way to stay active in a world that expects a lot from us. We want to have a well-balanced and a healthier life in order to feel confident in our daily routine.

Lucozade would like to play a key role in this modern world of sport and exercise.

Lucozade Sport drink is designed to enhance hydration and fuel performance during intense sport and exercise. The brand is well known for its focus on sporting performance and intense physical activity. They would like to resonate with a wider audience who do sport and exercise for different motivations – to achieve personal goals and to stay active in their daily routine.


Create a print ad that propels Lucozade Sport into the modern world of sports, where people exercise to reach personal goals and to live a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle.

The product can have a key role to play in this ad since it provides the necessary energy and hydration to exercise.

Here are 5 guidelines to follow:

  • Appeals to Males & Females
  • Show what the product does to someone such as enhancing hydration or helping you perform during your exercise but above all how it makes you feel such as giving you the energy & hydration to live a fulfilling and active life
  • Step out of traditional sports such as football and rugby and instead get closer to what the people we described are doing to keep fit and active (running / jogging; exercise classes at the gym; cardio at the gym, group fitness classes; team sports that are played more for the social benefits than the desire to win; half-marathons or charity running events)
  • Stay away from low intensity sports such as yoga, pilates and light jogging
  • Stay true to the brand history and personality by avoiding becoming too effeminate or ‘soft’
  • Follow the graphic guidelines (see guidelines)

We’d love to know more about your creative thinking. So feel free to explain with your entry why you think your idea will appeal to the audience we described, why it is relevant for Lucozade Sport and not easily applicable to other sport drinks and why it is original.



A good example for this contest:

Idea | We see Claire, a working woman of 31 y.o. not fit nor strong but with the envy to improve herself with personal activity.. She is going to her Cross-fit class after-work as she does every week. Today, it was a long and a painful one - so to be sure that she will complete her class, she drinks Lucozade Sport before her exercise and during the class. She sees this class as a way to stay active in her week.
Execution | We would see the protagonist from the back as a split screen:

  • left side: she is very well dressed with her dark suit in a sober and serious environment,
  • right side: she wears a colorful training suit in a colorful environment (blue and orange just like the brand color codes): a gym-class where we see people already dancing, with a lot of movements.

Also, she is wearing one bag with a bottle of Lucozade Sport that appears in both pictures – except on the right side we see an empty bottle of Lucozade Sport.

It is a good idea as it meets target expectation “doing sport for a balanced and a healthier life”.


A bad example for this contest:

Idea | a professional rugby team is consuming Lucozade Sport at half-time to re-energise themselves.

Execution | a print in which we understand that the team went back to the field after 10mins of half-time. We see an empty but a very messy locker room: towels and rugby shirts from the first half are all over the floor. Except in the middle of the room, we see a bottle of Lucozade Sport nearly finished -The necessary twist to win the game. To underline it, we’ll see the actual catchphrase of the brand “The Fuel to Rule”.

This is a bad idea as it does not meet the brief to appeal to our ‘modern sport and exercise” audience and it features “traditional and intense sports”.



  • #1 奖金 € 1,500
  • #2 奖金 € 750
  • #3 奖金 € 600
  • #4 奖金 € 400


Print ad: photo or illustration with tagline and text explanation (2 pages in total, PDF only).


Make the brand feel more relevant in today’s modern world of sport.



  • Color codes are:
    • blue : #008ac8  -  (rgb : 0, 138, 200)
    • Yellow : #ffd005  -  (rgb : 255, 208, 5)
  • Download the logo and some product shots from the toolkit.
  • The print ad should be in English.


  • 不要在作品中展现任何个人细节(姓名、联系电话、邮件地址等等)
  • 请保留一份高质量或高清版本的参赛作品,以供在获奖后使用。
  • 你提交的作品必须是你自己的创作,才具有参赛资格。
  • 你必须已经获得向该媒体投稿的作者和活动者的书面许可。
  • 如果你已经使用了任何不属于你自己的作品(音乐、照片、设计等),请在你的媒体描述中说明你所使用的音乐和/或图像是否是你自己的创作,并提供授予你使用它(们)的权利的许可的链接。
  • eYeka爱可网将可能要求你提供书面证明或书面文件的复件,以确保eYeka爱可网和品牌客户能根据比赛规则获得使用这些作品的授权。
  • 不符合上述规定的作品将不具备参赛资格。