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Help Downy to express the benefit of its unique odor control technology!

€ 4,500
插画 - 创意写作

Whenever women choose a softener, they are always looking for a great scent but also strong additional benefits such as: morning freshness that lasts until the end of the day, malodor protection, better performance, double softness, easy iron, etc.

But sometimes, they struggle to keep the freshness and the good smell from their clothes due to many different malodors: subway, smog, sweat, food…

Downy is the first Fabric Enhancer to introduce a unique technology of Malodor Neutralization - a technology that neutralizes both external and internal malodor, protecting the clothes from every kind of bad smell.. Downy really neutralizes a bad odor, while others just mask it.

Create an original print ad that shows how Downy’s unique odor neutralization help women make a good impression!

Format: illustration + description (2 pages)