Baby skin is precious 比赛结束
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Show us how Mustela could be part of an essential caring moment between babies and their parents.

€ 2,500
插画 - 创意写作

Parents of babies mostly think that their babies’ skin is perfect from birth on. They don’t think that hydration is essential.

Mustela, from The Expanscience Laboratories, is the expert brand in babies’ skin care.

They have two sides: the expertise and the emotion. Mustela would like to convince parents that hydration is essential and that Mustela is their best ally to create a nice and gentle moment.

Create an inspiring poster that touches parents and convince them that babies’ skin is fragile and needs the expert hydration of Mustela.

Format: Poster: Photo or illustration with text explanation and moodbaord (moodboard is not mandatory - 2 or 3 pages in total; PDF only).