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向我们展示,当你饮用拥有超级车前子纤维的“每日超级健康补充”(Your daily glass of Super)时,Metamucil美达施如何令你体态更加轻盈、更充满活力。

海报+标语 "your daily glass of super" 包括必答题答案(最多2页PDF)。

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Amazing, creative, out of the box and thought provoking ideas from every participants! We like the submission a lot and thank everyone for your strong support and participation!




kadarican #1 奖
kadarican 111,700 创意积分
  • 平面设计
  • 视频
  • 插画
  • 动画
  • 创意写作
  • 标签与包装设计

#1 奖 € 3,000 被授予给Super M

*"I am really happy to come as 1st out of hundred of entries. This
challenge definitely takes me to next level.*
* I would like to thank Metamucil and Eyeka for this great contest.
Congrats to other winners also. Cheers!"*

Has brought to life “Your Daily Glass of Super” perfectly and strongly through the push-up activity of the women with the little girl. It is quite expandable as any types of activities/exercises can be used to communicate the message of being still “super” regardless of your age. It is compelling and convincing showing that age is just a number and able to inspire adults to want to re-discover their more youthful, healthy, active and lighter self through Metamucil. Super Me, Super Metamucil!


osbornenash #2 奖
osbornenash 68,620 创意积分
  • 平面设计
  • 插画
  • 创意写作
  • 标签与包装设计
  • 摄影

#2 奖 € 1,500 被授予给The Snail and the Cheetah

I’m delighted that such a simple concept was chosen as a runner up – I had great fun for this brief and think the standard of entries was really impressive.

remake1990 #3 奖
remake1990 286,480 创意积分
  • 视频
  • 插画
  • 创意写作
  • 剧本写作

#3 奖 € 500 被授予给magical glass

Clear, powerful and elegant way to show and bring to life the benefits of “Your Daily Glass of Super”. It is a wonderful idea to show the healthier, lighter and more active version/lifestyle of the person on the glass itself after the glass of Metamucil is drank. This ties well with our current glass transformation idea and is quite expandable as we are able to show different version of the transformed “you” on the glass after the drink. It heroes the glass well and shows it to be an aspirational drink. The Super version of you is just a glass away!





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