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What would you like your life to look like, in full augmented reality?

What is your vision of the future and what are the wonderful and exciting things you could do with an augmented reality device?

One poster with a tagline and a short paragraph of text, using the template (max 1 page PDF).

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Thank you all for your creative and thoughtful submissions. We were taken aback by the level of creativity and detail in every entry! Your insights have been read and appreciated and we hope we can help bring to fruition some of the amazing visions you have for this technology and how it can transform daily life. Thank you again.




vitals81 #1 奖
vitals81 8,770 创意积分
  • 平面设计
  • 动画
  • 创意写作
  • 标签与包装设计
  • 摄影

#1的€ 1,500

We loved the creativity of this concept. It is a new form of personalized creativity - an ability to customize the world around you. Gave us a chuckle, but in all seriousness, this is the type of usage that can create incentive to adopt augmented reality.


power50power50 #2 奖
power50power50 2,250 创意积分
  • 平面设计
  • 创意写作
  • 剧本写作

#2的€ 600

Thank you! I was very pleased to participate in this competition, because it is very cool to bring own contribution to the development of modern technology! it was a very interesting contest!

We liked the detailed thought and attention you put to this concept. It is a real problem statement and if implemented, can help address a gap in collaborative experience in the workplace. We liked the concept of enabling a "hive mentality" for ultimate productivity and collaboration. Great job!


hach-v #3 奖
hach-v 50 创意积分
  • 平面设计
  • 视频
  • 插画
  • 创意写作
  • 摄影
  • 剧本写作

#3的€ 400

Many thanks Eyeka for this competition and for an opportunity to become one of winners!

We liked the creative framing of this particular usage. Rather than thinking of an individual instance, you did a great job thinking outside the box on how this technology can empower someone to make goal-oriented decisions throughout the day. It turns this technology into something passive and non-intrusive in the backdrop of daily life, rather than an active focus in a particular activity. Great job!





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