Downy Sensitive 比赛结束
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Take women on a sensorial journey with Downy Sensitive!

€ 2,700
插画 - 创意写作

Downy, the fabric softener brand well-known for its special long-lasting aroma, is launching a new product - Downy Sensitive - across Latin America. Just like the other Downy fabric softeners, Downy Sensitive gives long lasting freshness to your clothes… But now it brings something more, with the “Sensitive” benefit.

Can you help Downy to find a way to communicate “Sensitive” to modern women in Latin America?

Through a powerful and impactful poster, convince modern women that Downy Sensitive is the best choice to “take care of” their skin/to be “safe for” their skin and have long-lasting freshness for their clothes.

FORMAT : Poster, Tagline and description