Anchor - Dairy Innovation 比赛结束

Create the next dairy innovation that will surprise and delight families, for greater enjoyment every day.

开始 2016年6月14日 结束 2016年7月03日 23:59 UTC 审议 结果 2016年10月
2016年7月03日 23:59 UTC


Millions of people all over the world consume dairy products in one form or another, be it milk, powdered milk, cheeses or yoghurt. At the back of our minds, we know that dairy forms an essential part of good nutrition, but with the trend towards super foods we’ve forgotten its value or don’t consume dairy products anymore because there are so many trendier alternatives. Milk is just milk, and yoghurt is just yoghurt.

Anchor is a global dairy brand producing products such as milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt.  Anchor believes that encouraging true natural potential can turn good into great, both in dairy products and in people. This is why they use their 130 years of dairy expertise to turn good dairy into great products, providing families with the wholesome nourishment they need to help them find their own potential.  Anchor is always looking for new ideas to surprise and delight its consumers; today, they need your help to create the next new exciting dairy innovation.


Shake up the dairy world and make dairy once again relevant and exciting with a new innovation that will delight mums and their families every day.

Unleash your creativity and show us a new dairy innovation that is above and beyond just milk. Milk is more than milk!

We are looking at exciting new dairy innovations that will appeal to a progressive mum in her thirties. She is a caregiver for her family but lives her own life as well. Being a mum, she wants her children – and her husband – to achieve their highest potential. Besides wholesome nourishment and health, she’s also looking for something new and exciting amidst other trendy foods that compete at the table.

We are looking for great ideas for:

  • New products and formats – what else can you think of besides the typical milk, cheese, yoghurt or cream, but that is still recognizable as a wholesome dairy product that people will want to have every day?
  • New packaging – how would your packaging encourage new eating experiences, for example sharing verses single serve, on-the-go, functionality, etc.?
  • New occasions – are there any other moments besides the traditional breakfast where people consume dairy products? Perhaps you can think of new ways that don’t exist today on how to use dairy products during the day?
  • New experiences – how can people better experience and engage with their dairy products? For example, through augmented reality where people are able to visualize the additional nutritional benefits of consuming dairy in real time as they eat more slices of cheese or have more glasses of milk?

Pick one or combine any of the above aspects in your innovation and answer the following questions in your submission:

  1. What is your dairy innovation about? Please provide a short summary.
  2. How does your idea stand out from the multitude of other dairy products out there?
  3. Why would people want to consume it on a regular basis?
  4. How will your idea help nurture and champion someone’s potential?
  5. What are the new reasons that will convince consumers to consume more dairy?

Think about what would make people want to eat or drink dairy on a daily basis. We want to create a sense of excitement and real novelty in an area that most of us take for granted.

Anchor is about natural wholesome nourishment, authenticity, quality, integrity and trust. It is a brand that portrays positivity, passion, pioneering and trust. Your new dairy ideas should be something that people can enjoy every day, not “special occasion” ideas that people enjoy only on special days or at special events.



Example of a good entry: This good example focuses on a dairy product which brings added value to milk with new packaging and experiences: it is a new, essential daily dairy product providing new nutritional benefits that can be consumed at the end of the day and works while you sleep to revitalize you when you wake.  In addition, it has packaging that works with an augmented reality app that will play a game when you point your mobile at a pack of Anchor Milk. In this game, kids get to learn about the nutritional benefits of dairy and collect points to help their school buy new equipment.

Example of a bad entry: This bad example is about flavour combinations:  new papaya milk flavour. While it may be new product, we are challenging you for exciting ideas that are more revolutionary and innovative than new flavour offerings.



  • #1 奖金 € 3,000
  • #2 奖金 € 1,500
  • #3 奖金 € 500


Presentation with visuals and answers to the five questions (maximum of 3 pages, PDF).


We are looking for a new, everyday product innovation can surprise and delight mums, making them and their families consume dairy more regularly. There are many milk brands and milk products out there, so your idea needs to stand out from the crowd and convince people to eat more dairy products every day.



  • Entries accepted in English.
  • Anchor is about wholesomeness nourishment, authenticity, quality, integrity and trust, therefore your innovation idea should be healthy, with natural and trusted ingredients.
  • We are looking for everyday, wholesome ideas, not “special occasion” ideas that people enjoy only on special days or at special events.
  • Please do not include alcohol or artificial stimulants (for example caffeine).
  • Please do not include ideas around ice cream.
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