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Change behaviors and make Lipton Tea afternoon breaks the new daily must-do

Change working adults’ perceptions of tea from traditional to modern and relevant with a great Lipton afternoon tea break idea.

1 page made of images image and text (PDF, please use the template)

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Lipton Unilever

Thanks to all participants for your amazing entries.

Great to see the Lipton spirit spreading all around and capturing your creativity to help us one more time!

be more tea :)



oceanomare #1 奖
oceanomare 241,280 创意积分
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#1的€ 1,500

We love the association of our brand and product with this great image. It contextualizes the office while connecting to the outside in a great way: sunny day, refreshing and recharging sensations, also highlighting the tea.
Explanations at the bottom reconfirm what we've seen with the image. Positive, Uplifting. That's the Lipton spirit!

tachiramazato #2 奖
tachiramazato 14,140 创意积分
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#2的€ 600

It is a wonderful feeling to be rewarded for having fun, and especially, when participants are from all over the world. It is already the third prize I have received, and it encourages me to continue participating.

With my idea, I have tried to transmit what I do every day. When I drink tea at work, I feel like it recovers me and gives me new energy to continue.

We really enjoyed this idea of Afternoon Battery. Image is self-explanatory and a reality for our target, always in need of a recharge - for them and their apps. Great creativity :)

brucedsilverman #3 奖
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#3的€ 400

I actually switch over from coffee in the morning to Lipton's Tea in the afternoon and have been doing so for many, many years. So, this challenge was right up my alley. Thanks again for the opportunity!

What we like most about the idea is the articulation "it's in the bag". You have captured the spirit and understood the key benefits that Lipton can offer for those that choose us for the afternoon break. Well done and thanks for your paricipation!


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