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Convince mums that Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is the ultimate protection against germs and bacteria for their entire family.

开始 2016年6月24日 结束 2016年7月05日 23:59 UTC 审议 结果 2016年8月
2016年7月05日 23:59 UTC


Linda is a Mum in the Philippines with young kids. As her 5 year old gets more active, he is exploring the world around him, and Linda realizes that she needs to protect him from nasty germs and bacteria. She thinks about soap bars, but is concerned that they might dry her child’s skin.

Safeguard Pure White is an anti-bacterial body wash for the whole family. It empowers mothers all over the world with its superior germ protection that not only removes 99% of germs, but also protects the skin’s moisture shield so that germs can’t easily attach.

Today we’d like your help to bring to life, Safeguard Body Wash’s claim of giving mums like Linda the best germ protection, aided by moisture shield protection that helps prevent germs from attaching to skin. How do you get mums to choose Safeguard Body Wash as their everyday personal cleansing product of choice instead of ordinary bar soap.


In a creative and visually arresting poster with a tagline, bring to life the claim of "unbeatable germ protection that maintains the moisture shield" in an interesting and clutter-breaking way.

Your image and a convincing tagline that will convey:

  • Safeguard Body Wash provides the best germ protection for your family.
  • It not only removes germs, but also maintains and protects the skin’s moisture shield so that skin repels germs and bacteria.

Through creative metaphors, analogies, associations, etc., appeal to mums’ hearts and minds so that they need to know that Safeguard Body Wash will kill 99% of germs and bacteria, and will keep the family protected just as they want.

Please use the template provided and ensure that your submission consists of:

  1. A poster.
  2. A tagline (of not more than 10-12 words)
  3. A paragraph (max 200 words) of text describing your idea.



What other creative ways can you use to convince mums that Safeguard Body Wash’s superior germ protection not only kills 99% of germs, but also protects the skin’s moisture shield so that germs can’t easily attach.

As you’re thinking about new and creative ways to impress this message on mothers, you can consider:

  • How can we make body wash fun?
  • How can you tap into a mother’s instinct to do all that she can to protect her family?
  • What are the things we can say to tip the scales in Safeguard Body Wash’s favor by appealing to both rational and emotional sides of a mother?



  • #1 奖金 € 1,500
  • #2 奖金 € 600
  • #3 奖金 € 400


1 page consisting of images image and text (PDF, please use the template)


The best ideas will appeal to the hearts and minds of mums and convince them that Safeguard Body Wash gives you the ultimate germ protection by getting rid of 99% of germs and protecting skin’s moisture shield so that germs don’t easily stick.



  • Entries must be in English only.
  • Use the template provided in the creative toolkit for your submission. Your entry must include a visual of your idea, a tagline and a short paragraph describing your idea.
  • Safeguard is primarily an antibacterial product; while it does have moisturizing properties. Please ensure that germ protection is at the heart of your idea, while “maintaining the moisture shield” is an added advantage. Entries that talk about “moisturization” as the central theme will be rejected.
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  • 不要在作品中展现任何个人细节(姓名、联系电话、邮件地址等等)
  • 请保留一份高质量或高清版本的参赛作品,以供在获奖后使用。
  • 你提交的作品必须是你自己的创作,才具有参赛资格。
  • 你必须已经获得向该媒体投稿的作者和活动者的书面许可。
  • 如果你已经使用了任何不属于你自己的作品(音乐、照片、设计等),请在你的媒体描述中说明你所使用的音乐和/或图像是否是你自己的创作,并提供授予你使用它(们)的权利的许可的链接。
  • eYeka爱可网将可能要求你提供书面证明或书面文件的复件,以确保eYeka爱可网和品牌客户能根据比赛规则获得使用这些作品的授权。
  • 不符合上述规定的作品将不具备参赛资格。