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Write a story to convince people to switch to BioMax.

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Do you know what a challenger brand is? It’s a company or a product that is not the market leader and has to play from a position behind the dominant player. Often, leader brands or leader products benefit from a huge awareness and people think they’re superior in quality. But their competitors often offer the same quality.

Dairy products that help digestion are a big market in Russia. This is why dairy products that improve digestion have great success. There is a market leader, an international famous brand, and there is the challenger brand, BioMax, a brand from Wimm Bill Dann- a renowned Russian yogurt manufacturer.

BioMax has been in the market for 17 years. It offers drinkable and spoonable yogurts as well as kefir (traditional Russian fermented milk product), all packed with bifid bacteria that helps regulate transit.

BioMax offers the same benefits and the same quality as its competitors, but it’s more affordable.It’s the right option for women from 20 to 40 years old who care about their health.

In 2015, BioMax launched a TVC to switch people from using the leader brand to use BioMax. It was simple, provocative and humorous. And it was a big success.


They are now looking for the next story to tell in the coming TVC that will be on air in January 2017 in Russia. Can you help? 


Create a script for a TVC that will make people switch from the leader brand to BioMax, the same quality but more affordable yogurt that improves digestion.

We’d like your idea to be presented as a script or a story-board.  Collages posters and mood boards are also accepted as long as you use images and text.

It’s important that your story integrates a product demo: we’re not asking you to reinvent the product demo but you should think about when and how this section can be integrated.

There are some visuals cues that the brand uses that you can integrate in your story.

The wheels: to express the fact that with BioMax everything works well in your belly:


The cup from which women drink their yogurt:

And two gestures: one to express that BioMax is good for digestion:

 and has a reasonable price:

Don’t focus too much on the problems – the symptoms of bad digestion. Rather show what it’s like to feel good.

The situation you show needs to be somehow related to the dairy universe. It can’t be only about aliens for instance. Women tend to consume BioMax during the day, when they’re away from home, although home consumption also happens.

The objective of the final TVC that will be developed based on your ideas is to convince women to switch from the brand they use now to BioMax.

So your story should:

  • Simply deliver the message that Biomax improves digestion but has a more affordable price
  • Maintain the quality perception. Cheaper does not mean lower quality.
  • Deliver a humorous tone of voice: it can be a bit provocative or witty.

Remember BioMax uses humor to convince people to change their habits. Humor is used to make fun of the other brands – not only (by hijacking the competitors’ codes) or to bring fresh perspectives.




Think about ways to convince people to change their habits. What would be a convincing story? How can this story be told in a humorous and provocative way?

You can use indirect comparison with other brands or not compare at all.

Be creative and surprise us!



  • #1 奖金 € 3,000
  • #2 奖金 € 1,500
  • #3 奖金 € 500


Presentation with texts and at least 1 visual illustration (maximum 4 PDF page).


The best stories will be those that bring to life the message while being fun and true to the brand’s identity. Adding visuals to illustrate your story will surely increase your chances of winning.



  • Entries should be in English or Russian.
  • You can download the logo from the toolkit.
  • Don’t feature kids in your story. BioMax is a product for adults.
  • Make sure your story is simple to understand.
  • Use humor and a provocative tone of voice.
  • Don’t mention the competitors explicitly: no other brand names, no other logos. Only indirect references should be made.
  • 授权和许可使用受保护的内容(包括音乐,照片...)必须包括至少:(一)纳入该衍生或基于这些元素的新作品受保护的内容的权利;(二)使用权出于商业目的和(三)在互联网上使用权。你必须能够在任何时间提供这些授权和许可的书面证明。


  • 不要在作品中展现任何个人细节(姓名、联系电话、邮件地址等等)
  • 请保留一份高质量或高清版本的参赛作品,以供在获奖后使用。
  • 你提交的作品必须是你自己的创作,才具有参赛资格。
  • 你必须已经获得向该媒体投稿的作者和活动者的书面许可。
  • 如果你已经使用了任何不属于你自己的作品(音乐、照片、设计等),请在你的媒体描述中说明你所使用的音乐和/或图像是否是你自己的创作,并提供授予你使用它(们)的权利的许可的链接。
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  • 不符合上述规定的作品将不具备参赛资格。