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To help you discover crowdsourcing, here is a selection of free resources. From video webinars to whitepapers and third-party analyst reports, we want you to get smarter about co-creation, crowdsourcing, and how it can be used for marketing and innovation.

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This section lists market and industry reports about the online co-creation and crowdsourcing market, of which eÿeka is a leading player. You will find third-party reports from Forrester research as well as from academia, but also eÿeka's 'The State Of Crowdsourcing in 2015' report, with insights about the adoption of crowdsourcing by leading brands and companies.

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If you want to lean back and learn about the potential of co-creation and crowdsourcing, watch our webinars. Industry experts from inside and outside of eÿeka's walls explain in-depth how to use the power of crowds to unlock market potential.

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