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Livermore, 美国

35 岁

Self Employed Filmmaker



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"Casey de Fremery was born in Santa Cruz, CA and was indoctrinated into film on June 12, 1993, during a 4:30 showing of Jurassic Park. Twenty five minutes in and witnessing the Brontosaurus reveal, he was in. Film is an artform that can put ideas into action and turn a tiny idea into an audience experience, qualities that set him on a path to film that never waivered. From high school onward, Casey worked on short films, music videos, corporate videos, and just about every genre he could get a chance on. He started to make waves in 2009 (or, in his words, "start to not suck") with his short films "Walking With Strangers" and "The Black Hearts" and began to work consistently ever since. Short films later led to him directing his first feature film, "War Path," currently in post production. Other interests include music festivals, catfishing, road trips, and trolling users on Reddit."