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Waimea College

Mainland Television, NZ

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A father of two, Doug Brooks has a BSc (1st Class Honours) and has worked as a biologist, an artist, a fire fighter, a teacher, a runner for the BBC and as an enforcement officer for public health in Edinburgh. Currently he writes, films and directs commercials, short films, and is writing his first feature film.

Brooks has over 20 years' experience as an actor and is a founding member of the Body in Space Theatre Company. He is a veteran of the world's two largest Fringe Festivals: the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland and the Adelaide Fringe. At the latter, his performance as Macbeth drew praise, one reviewer saying: "Brooks broke my heart time and time again... his passion, his fury, his raw hacking sorrow."

Reviewers also described his performance at the 2013 National Improv Festival in Wellington as "genuinely moving". His self-written and directed piece "Lock Up When You Go", part of the 2013 Nelson Arts Festival, focused on post-traumatic stress disorder in those who endured armed conflict. It was described as a "highly engaging experience".

Though Brooks has the power to move an audience to tears, he is also a regular cast member and crowd favourite at Nelson improvised comedy show The Deep End. Recent credits include the Wakefield Four Square commercials, Film Shock Productions' feature Bowie and Falvation Film's short film Outer Darkness.