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Varna, 保加利亚

38 岁




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For many years, deal with video capture . I work professionally as a video operator TV. Naturally, my ambitions do not stop there . I conceptual designs for capturing short films , and my biggest dream is to create a full-length product. So do not stop to take pictures and interested in the latest trends in the big cinema . Besides the concept and genre of great importance for a good movie is the right equipment and the ability to work with her. My personal technique is not the most expensive , but try to maximize her opportunities continue to experiment . By challenging your website and your suggestions , I found a way to practice their passion to make short films . Last but not least , to see the projects of other talented people. So I encourage them to work even harder and hopefully better. I'm glad that you exist and give many people the opportunity to express their ideas , demonstrate skill in shooting short films . I wish success to all!